Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1 Three Rooms Revamp-31 Day Challenge

Day One of 31 Day Challenge !

On January 1st, 2011 I decided to join the Marion Smith 31 Day Challenge! My Challenge, to re vamp Three Rooms in Thirty One days! Crazy uhhh ? One twist to my Challenge. I posted this video from January 31, 2011. I am now on day 24, and I am almost done ! Can not wait to share the finish project. Coming soon I will share what I have done in this time frame. It is almost done ! Enjoy the Journey !

Friday, January 14, 2011


It is Christmas all over again in the Artmingle playhouse ! Look what was waiting for me at my door today ! I have won the greatest prize of all ! My fellow artists, IT PAYS TO SHOP AT . Just because I shopped during the month of November 2010, I was randomly selected to win the grand prize. And here they are. I am humbled and I am grateful ! Thank you so much !! I am sure to find a great use for all that has been given to me. God Bless !!!!!!!!

and my word of the year .... ABUNDANCE ........ Yesssssssssss !