Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clock is ticking !

Yes. I've been quiet. No You Tube yet :( but I will be posting the photos of Laura's 6 x 6 Mini Album. I never heard back from Laura, so, I decided that based on her blog, and based on her credentials, She must be a classy lady! Album is almost done, I even did a three pieced fabric cover for her butterfly , yes I did sewing! But it needs more stuff. So tonight I will bling it up :) and I will have to overnight it to her for her to get by Monday 09/28. I have also decorated the box it is going in. I really hope she likes it. This is one ginormous challenge, then it happens to be my first swap! Yikes! I have been busy. Can't wait to share.

Arlene, thanks for your comment and thanks for all you inspiration! I love it!

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