Thursday, September 10, 2009

So much fun, so little time

WOW! I am overwhelmed with the sharing of all artists in the world of blogging. Amazing how you get to meet people all over the world who so generously give of their inspiration. I am falling into this and I am loving it.

I have planned three amazing trips for 2010 and 2011 Yes 2011. There is Artful Journey in Feb 2010, there is Art and Soul Virginia May 2010 and then there is DJ Pettitt in Italy Feb 2011. I have lots of planning to do so I better get going.

Also I am a proud member of Deux Shabby Chic! Meeting new gals and excited that we will be exchanging a mini album with designated partner. This month I have non the less Laura Denison from The Paper Trial. Please check her out. Awesome videos! Lots of sharing great inspiration!

I hope to be able to have time this week to start uploading photos of my work as well as travel photos with my favorite teachers.

Does anyone know how I get hyper links in here? I will have to find out soon.

Until next, me.

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